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HIV/AIDS (2 CEU Hours) $20.00

Define and describe HIV/AIDS etiology, occupational protocols, & demonstrate universal precautions

Sports Massage (3 CEU Hours) $30.00

This course covers the history and basics of sports massage including: benefits, therapist observation, client posture and alignment, onsite and offsite rehabilitative massage sessions.

Florida Law (2 CEU Hours) $20.00

This course covers Florida rules and statutes that relate to the massage therapy profession.

Human Trafficking (1 CEU Hour) Florida Only $10.00

This course is a required course for all Florida LMTs and only approved in Florida

Hydrotherapy (2 CEU Hours) $20.00

This covers various applications of hydrotherapy.

Past Present and Future of Massage (2 CEU Hours) $20.00

This course reviews the origins of massage therapy.

Onsite Chair Massage (2 CEU Hours) $20.00

Explore the benefits of onsite chair massage

Deep Tissue Massage (2 CEU Hours) $20.00

Identify connective tissue layers, explore deep tissue modalities, and identify contraindications.

Ethics (2 CEU Hours) $20.00

Distinguish between beliefs, morals, and values that relate to ethical behavior in the massage profession.

Adaptive Massage (2 CEU Hours) $20.00

Some clients have physical, emotional, and health-related challenges requiring specific adaptive techniques.

Hot Stone Massage (2 CEU Hours) $20.00

Explore the history of hot stones in the healing process and learn a sequence of techniques for the use of hot stones.

Medical Errors (2 CEU Hours) $20.00

Identify protocol failure and create solutions for error reduction.

Bodywork Cupping (2 CEU Hours) $20.00

History of cupping, formulate integrative treatments using cupping, and scope of practice.

Ayurveda (2 CEU Hours) $20.00

List and differentiate the 5 elemental components, 3 Doshas, Marma Points, and the 7 Chakras.

Aromatherapy (2 CEU Hours) $20.00

Discover how essential oils are extracted and the various methods of application.

Foot Reflexology (2 CEU Hours) $20.00

Determine the effects and benefits of foot massage, locate reflex points, and explore horizontal zones and corresponding organ systems.

Pathologies for Massage Therapy (7.5 CEU Hours) $75.00

This course will address the etiology, signs, symptoms, indications, and contraindications which clients commonly present.

Facial Massage (3 CEU Hours) $30.00

Designed to explore several core competencies of facial massage and methods that allow for proper lymph drainage, facial rejuvenation, and relief from sinus or TMJ dysfunction symptoms.

Business Ethics (3 CEU Hours) $30.00

This course covers ethical behavior, bookkeeping, scope of practice, and maintaining professional boundaries.

Safety and Sanitation (1 CEU Hour) $10.00

OSHA standards, blood-borne pathogens, and proper sanitation guidelines. NCBTMB will allow for 1 completion of this 2 part course during a licensing cycle.

Safety and Sanitation (2 CEU Hours) $20.00

OSHA standards, blood-borne pathogens, and proper sanitation guidelines. This course includes the content from part 1, and continues on to provide a more in-depth look at the applications of safety standards in the massage therapy profession. NCBTMB will allow for 1 completion of this 2 part course during a licensing cycle.

Clinical Applications and Critical Thinking (3 CEU Hours) $30.00

Proper protocol phases, critical thinking, postural muscles, and design and evaluate appropriate treatment plans.

Kinesiology (2 CEU Hours) $20.00

This program will cover a range of topics. Generally speaking, we’ll discuss various scientific theories and how they relate to movement; the kinetic chain and its relationship to treatment; postural and phasic muscles; and the use of movement theory in your practice.

Understanding the Benefits of Massage Therapy for PTSD (3 CEU Hours) $30.00

The main objective of this class is to understand the benefits of massage therapy for clients that suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how to set up a treatment plan for these clients. To better help these individuals it is important to understand Post Traumatic Disorder, the signs and symptoms, the current treatments used for PTSD and how PTSD affects the body.

Structural Integration $30.00

The main objective of this class is to understand and define structural integration. Explore the history of Ida Rolf and her research. Review postural analysis and the importance of alignment for the human physical structure. Break down the Structural Integration sessions into 10 segments

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