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Adaptive Massage Course $20.00

An overview of adaptive massage techniques used when working with geriatric clients, pediatric clients, hearing impaired clients, vision impaired clients, and the chronically ill.

Hot Stone $20.00

A sequence of techniques for using hot stones as well as the physiological reactions to thermotherapy and cryotherapy in relation to stone therapy.

Florida Law $20.00

Rules and statutes that relate to the massage therapy profession. Overview of the key laws every Licensed Massage Therapist should know to successfully practice.

Ethics $20.00

The origins of ethics and an overview of beliefs, morals and values as they relate to ethical behavior and guidance for best business practices in massage therapy.

Sports Massage $30.00

This course addresses client posture and alignment assessments, athlete recovery, remedial, and rehabilitative needs.

Deep Tissue Massage $20.00

An overview of deep tissue massage describing connective tissue layers, deep tissue modalities, client intake interviews and assessment processes, deep tissue contraindications, and common pathologies.

Onsite Chair Massage Set $20.00

This course is designed to describe the use of Onsite Chair Massage and its many benefits listing indications and contraindications, completion of medical intake forms, and advanced onsite chair massage techniques.

Past Present and Future of Massage $20.00

An overview of the history and origins of massage therapy. It provides a deeper understanding of the various contributors to the industry while examining the present and future trends of application.

Introduction to Hydrotherapy $20.00

Various applications of hydrotherapy including cold applications and hot applications and the physiological effects of temperature.

Risk of Transmission of HIV in Massage $20.00

HIV/AIDS etiology and the symptoms and stages of progression. Transmission and high risk demographics as well as occupational protocols will be reviewed as it relates to massage therapy.

Medical Errors $20.00

This course will provide an overview of the laws and rules regarding medical errors. It identifies protocol failure, common contraindications and endangerment sites, as well as sanitation and safety rules in order to prevent adverse events. Students will gain skills to analyze root causes and how to create proactive solutions.

Kinesiology $20.00

This course will provide an overview of the different science theories of movement. It will identify a kinetic chain and apply it to a treatment sequence. Students will gain knowledge of postural and phasic muscles as well as apply movement theory to their practice.

Bodywork Cupping $20.00

This course is designed as an intermediate level cupping course for licensed massage therapists. It provides learners with an overview of bodywork cupping. The purpose of this modality is to enhance the therapist’s ability to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which provides an overall sedative effect similar to Swedish massage when the relaxation response is incorporated.

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